Conversations that leave you……………?????

Amongst the many conversations I’ve had today, I’ve had two about people getting bucked off their horses.

One was about a friend of the person I was talking too, who was riding her horse, got turfed off and broke several bones in her spine and I think also her hip.  She was very, very lucky.  This is someone who has in the past done some horsemanship coaching but not for the last three years or so.  I guess she doesn’t need it anymore.

The other was a lady who was riding her young, green Arab mare who had been ‘broken to trot’.  Last time she rode the horse she got bucked off.  She was “lucky she wasn’t hurt because her husband is still recovering” from an injury involving his horse.  Anyhow…she thought she’d try it again!!!….and took the mare to a show and she didn’t get bucked off so all was good.

I’m not sure what staggers me most.  For one thing, getting bucked off is a serious issue.  It is not a random accident.  It takes a lot for a horse to buck a person off and it’s time we realised this.  Your horse has been trying to tell you something but you’re not listening.

For the other thing, and this is something I’ve never understood, what the heck is ‘broken to trot’?  A horse is either rideable or it isn’t.  If a horse hasn’t been ridden at canter it is not started….period.  If it can’t carry a rider when it’s back comes up such as in a canter stride (or going over a jump) then it probably will buck the next person who gets on it – off!

Phew!…..rather a long thought of the day.

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