The Sea of over-information

dustyHow do you tell the difference between sh#@ and shoe polish?  Between something of worth and real value or something superficial and of little real use.  Between something of substance and experience vs something with no real depth, no proof or past evidence that can stand the test of time?

Right now I sit with a group of incredible people.  A group of dedicated, knowledgeable, experienced horsemen.  People who spend much of their time, effort and energy trying to further not only their skills with horses but also finding ways to better help the horses and humans under their influence and care.

In short, Professional Horsemen.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve had people come to me seeking help after wasting many hours, a lot of money and risking injury by taking ‘advice’ and ‘training’ from the myriad so called ‘horsemanship professionals’ who are currently flooding the globe with their questionable skills.  Through the advent of social media, it has become incredibly easy to snap a glossy picture or two of you and your horse, write a few wise words and promote yourself from the ranks of amateur to supposed professional.

And how is the unsuspecting horse lover, seeking help with their horse, supposed to be able to wade through the ocean of over-information to determine the genuine article from the weekend warrior.

I’m very proud to say that every member of the Quantum Savvy Team is a professional horseman.  Someone who is genuinely committed to helping others.  Between us we have hundreds of thousands of hours of working with all types of horses (and humans!) across the world to create a knowledge bank that is staggering. And  each  member of the team wants just one thing….to share their knowledge and skill with as many horse owners and horse lovers as possible.

My advice to anyone seeing help with their horse is to do your research, thoroughly.  And that means, look beyond the glossy photos and the flashy ads.  Get to know the person your dealing with.  Ask them about their experience and what they’ve achieved and not just what they can do with their horse but what they’ve been able to have their students achieve.

If they can help others to achieve their dreams and goals, there is a good chance they can help you to achieve yours also.  You and your horse deserve nothing less.

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