Turning horse lovers into Horsemen.

DieselIt’s a thrill for me, to see the level of horsemanship being achieved by Quantum Savvy students everywhere. There is no denying, that right from the very beginnings back in 1997, our students were getting great results almost from the first moments they began studying with us. By the time Quantum Savvy was developed in its own right in 2001, we saw countless students discovering a whole new way of being with horses, of thinking about their horse’s true needs and desires and really starting to communicate in a way that was both meaningful and fair to both the human AND the horse. Students were embracing the idea that they needed to change their ways, to change the way they interpreted their horses actions and to take responsibility for their own development as horsemen. And stop blaming and labeling their horses.

Since then, more and more people have picked up the horsemanship banner. Horses are starting to get a better deal and to a degree people and horses are safer. There is still a long road to travel in this regard, but it is happening.

Many other horse trainers and instructors have joined the ranks, trying to provide a better education for horse owners. There are a multitude of books, DVDs, websites, online videos, blogs, magazines and so on, all purporting to help people with their horses. We see horse lovers playing games with their horses, having a lot of fun, feeling safer, having less accidents and generally enjoying themselves more with their four legged partners. Which is fabulous. It’s a great start.

But then there are QS Students. Wow!….what a fabulous group of horsemen they are. In Level 1 they learn to be safer, in Level 2 they develop true confidence, in Level 3 they learn how to connect with their horses in the most subtle of ways, to ride as good as they walk on their own two legs and to refine all that they do together so that that is looks seamless and effortless. And by Level 4 and beyond!…breath taking.

People often ask us what is the difference between Quantum Savvy and everyone else. There are many ways you can answer this. Our sense of community is extraordinary and something we are all very proud of. The support we have for all QS family is second to none. Our focus on release is our hallmark as is our development of the lateral movement in horse and rider to develop true self carriage. There are many other aspects of course, that all students experience as they go through the programme.

But I think the big difference is this. Other people, programmes and instructors teach horse lovers how to be safer, how to understand their horses so they can play and have fun together. Quantum Savvy does all this of course but it does much more as well. Our focus isn’t just on the fundamentals of horsemanship. Our focus is on developing horses and horse lovers to the highest levels of horsemanship possible. Watching our Level 3 and Level 4 students working with their horses is a magnificent experience. The way they move around horses, the way they ride, the way the horses carry themselves and how they look engaged in mind, body and spirit. The calmness, willingness and responsiveness from the horses and the empathy, feel and connection from the human all create a picture or expertise and accomplishment. Is it really something to witness.

Our instructors, horse trainers and high level students are really in a class of their own. The Quantum Savvy kids coming through the programme are nothing short of amazing. The future, with all these incredible horsemen, is in good hands. I feel so much pride and joy for each and every one of them.

Other people teach horse lovers how to be safe and have fun with their horses.
Quantum Savvy teaches horse lovers to become horsemen.

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